Friday, May 23, 2008

Celebrating Victories - Positive Reinforcement

The concept of reinforcement was here long before Skinner. It was here, for example, in architecture. Reinforce what is good. Reinforce efficiencies. Celebrating victories gives your mind something to look forward to when your getting tired. It chains the turmoil of the moment to a sweet victory. To celebrate victories is part of our human makeup.

Day Water Cafe - marketing thoughts

If you are looking for the Day Water Cafe.. Here it is

The Day Water Cafe opened in Klamath Falls. Huge success. Why?

1. High energy and positivity of founders and employees.
2. High level of responsiveness to requests.
3. An organic local foods focused cafe that is adjacent to their health food store with an wide open passage in between.
4. Very excellent food.
5. Good variance on prices. Gourmet chocolate or about 20 cents for a slice of organic watermelon.

Klamath Falls just got better. Paris

SuperAdobe - super adobe method

If you have never seen a super adobe house, you are in for a treat. I met the architect who pushed this technique. He passed away recently. I can only say that he was a very beautiful man who cared about humanity. This stuff is brilliant. Here is a link. SuperAdobe

Thoughts on Local vs Federal or International Control

It seems to me that the more complex the issue or the more an issue requires rich communication, the more this issue should be locally controlled. Local control allows for multiple experimentation vs. monolithic slow moves.

We seem to chain the mass with the errors of the foolish, thus the foolish not only do damage but also restrict all by the new impositions placed on everyone.

Local is harder to corrupt by big money. Centralized power is easy to corrupt.

I think that many of today's issues and needs are best solved on local levels. Even local barter economies could insulate against monetary collapses.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beyond Kansas

Video vertical on alternative building, self sufficiency and survival.

Local Barter as Proactive Safety Net

It seems to me that small local economies (cities etc) should have a barter system in place. We are talking trade units and not beets for dentistry. If the dollar collapses local cities could move right into the barter economy. Complexity needs proximity. Global and international management are poor solutions. Local is where it is at. We are in complex times.

Will SEO dissappear?

SEO, it seems to me will likely morph and not disappear. SEO's will need to help clients cut through the clutter and jump into the clutter.

Taking mind mapping to another level

I think that mind mapping can be taken to another level by using geometry as a memory devise to prod types of connections and relationships. I call the process of geometry triggering important memory or newly synthesized thought 'geoscopy'. Perhaps I should develop this into a book.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Work / Life Balancing

I want to collect quotes and proverbs concerning work /life balance. I think that highly intellectual people can easily become obsessed with efficiency to the point that all becomes stressful since the mind can see a seemingly quicker or more efficient path, yet life has efficiencies that are not clearly obvious. Sleep, for example, is an efficient use of time, so too rest or pause of the mind during daily inefficiencies. Your two cents?

Looks like they are moving in a direction that is lacking currently. Why hasn't there been more like this? General storage with quick feed implementations as a service. Surprised Google isn't doing this. Hey we should talk. Let's see how well you're monitoring blogs. Human Based Search Engine is a human based search engine. There are some very unique features to this engine. Passionate experts are being sought for participation.

Quest - Question... Coffee and Copper Deficiency

Looking for connections between coffee consumption and copper deficiency. Point me please.

Generalized Bloggng Experiment 1

An experiment in generalized blogging. Here we go.